“It’s a pet-friendly city. You should have a pet-friendly home.”

“It’s a pet-friendly city.
You should have
a pet-friendly home.”

One of the most important considerations in any move is the impact it will have on four-legged family members. To support residents of The Wade who have pets, we’ve partnered with Amanda Cheney of Amandas’ Best Friend. Read on to learn about Amanda’s services, and her approach to both dogs and people.

On what she does

Amanda’s Best Friend is a premium-level pet care and home concierge service provider in the downtown Raleigh area. As you can tell by the name, I’m the owner and operator.

On places to explore

The City of Raleigh is totally pet friendly. Cameron Village, Five Points, the Warehouse District—just so many places a walk or short drive from The Wade. I live in Cameron Village, and it’s great to be able to take my dog out for a walk and in a quarter of a mile you’re in a great park and in the other direction you’re in a wonderful shopping center.

On getting outside

Having a pet gets you out and exploring those areas and meeting new neighbors. But sometimes you can’t be around all the time, so we’re here to make sure the dogs get a chance to be outside, explore, get some exercise even if you’re away.

On working with residents

The team at Beacon Street decided that with The Wade, they wanted to make it easy for residents to take care of all their needs, and that includes pets. Of course I think that’s a great idea! So we’re going to be available as the key provider of pet services and home concierge services, for residents who choose to take advantage of that.

On trust

I know what a big deal it is to give someone the keys to your house, let alone giving them responsibility for your animals. They’re saying: here is my dog, that I love more than anything in my home. I hold their safety and wellbeing as my highest priority. In a lot of ways, what we really offer is trust, convenience and peace of mind.

On what makes her happy

This is a business that focuses on building relationships and sustaining relationships—with dogs and with people. I thrive off of making people’s lives better. And dog’s lives, too.