The Best of Both Worlds

The Best of
Both Worlds

Development company creates new classics.
Written by Lee Rhodes

Beacon Street Development has a reputation for connecting classical architecture of the past to the current style of today (a modern-day intervention with classical styling). The company’s latest endeavor, The Wade, is an encore of their wildly successful Fairview Row project and another example of seamlessly integrating residences into the existing fabric of historic communities, creating new opportunities for people to call them home. In this case, home is Raleigh’s Hayes Barton neighborhood.

Sales and marketing director Justin Hime explains the intent is not to mimic the past but rather to emulate it by engaging sense and sensibilities. “Think of elegance, proportion, scale, and light,” he says. “When you look at a building and can viscerally and positively respond to its beauty, this is the type of reaction we seek to solicit in the homes we’re building.”

There’s a deep admiration at work here, as the creative solutions of old inform the creative solutions of today. With the post-World War II promise of the suburbs running its course, a new appreciation for the life of old neighborhoods has emerged. Today, there’s a return to the character and lifestyle of those early neighborhoods. Jim Wiley, president of Beacon Street, grew up a short distance from the site of The Wade, so it’s personal. “My favorite part is to go into the original, true fabric of an existing great place and weave in something that’s new,” Wiley says. “I’m an admirer of traditional neighborhoods.”

All of this effort is driven by a love of Raleigh and inspired by other historic cities and neighborhoods across the nation, such as Boston (hence the company name, which honors one of Boston’s most cherished neighborhoods). Wiley wrestles with how to preserve the spirit of the neighborhood while adding creative development. “For us, we see the city’s deep need to add density in these great neighborhoods, as so many people long to live there, but at the same time, we want to honor the existing surroundings and those who already call it home,” he says.

This thoughtful approach results in a residential option that attracts a broad range of buyers, which is fitting since a key ingredient is the idea of community. The Wade is positioned well with a short walk to leafy neighborhood enclaves in one direction and to restaurants and shops in the other. “A boutique building like this has great intimacy and incredible community,” Wiley adds.

While the sense of community and connection is arguably an amenity in and of itself (not to mention that there’s a gathering spot in the form of a rooftop terrace with incredible views of downtown), there is a whole host of luxury amenities, from open-concept floor plans and covered porches to a fitness space and underground parking. From there, it’s the exquisite selections of premium lighting, finishes, and flooring that will make these units become unique homes.

Ultimately, all can appreciate the romance of this concept. “It’s a romantic notion to fit into the old neighborhood but with the modern finishes and conveniences,” Wiley says. Indeed, The Wade honors classic Raleigh style. Let it inspire the romantic in you.