A place to live. (In all sense of the word.)

This summer has seen dramatic progress at The Wade, as the residences continue to rise and the impressive outline of this unique building takes shape.

As these new homes come to life — planting a flag that will enhance and further redefine a prominent Raleigh intersection — we’re struck by the many layers of meaning contained in a seemingly simple question at the center of many conversations we have: Where do you want to live?

A residence that feels like home.

The Wade is, first and foremost, a place to live. Not just in the meaning of occupying space, but in the opportunity it affords to create a sense of place. A chance to consider and carry forward what you’ve loved about previous homes, as well as what might have been missing, what’s ripe for an update, what you’d be happy to leave behind.

That’s why we’ve paid so much attention to the interior details, from state-of-the-art acoustics that create a quite living environment, to 10’ ceilings and open floor plans that maximize light and air, to attractive, carefully selected finishes. And it’s why Design Lines Signature, our award-winning interior design partner, is on hand help ensure your residence reflects your definition of home.

Outside your door: convenience & community.

The question of where you want to live extends beyond your personal space; what do you want to have around you? So the attention we pay to detail extends seamlessly from inside your home to the front door of The Wade itself — and, in fact, beyond.

The first-floor Owner’s Retreat serves as a well-appointed hub of activity throughout the day, a place to get a new perspective or change of scenery without leaving home. You can grab a fresh cup of coffee and read the morning paper; schedule an evening card game or weekend party; or simply relish the chance encounters and serendipitous occurrences that always keep things interesting.

The rooftop terrace is a hidden jewel — that little something special you can’t wait to show your friends, where you can enjoy the sunset, practice yoga morning or evening, or just sneak the grandkids up for late-night stargazing. It’s a place that lifts you out of the ordinary.

And outside that front door we mentioned? Picture a rose garden. Lush, mature oak trees and exquisitely manicured gardens. A pocket park perfect for relaxing or walking the dog. Open spaces where the great indoors and the great outdoors are comfortably connected.

And beyond? The possibilities are endless.

Extending out even further, the area surrounding The Wade offers its own complementary sense of place. In fact, the residential streets of historic Hayes Barton, lined with canopies of trees, were the inspiration for our own landscaping. These ribbons of green invite vigorous morning walks and unhurried evening strolls. Beyond that lies, well, everything you can imagine, with easy access to activities familiar and places newly discovered.

And the best part? Wherever your wanderings take you, your oasis awaits upon your return. Where, refreshed and reinvigorated, you can plan your next adventure from the comfort of home. And keep deciding how you really want to live.