“Simple elegance, authenticity, comfort — that’s The Wade.”

“Simple elegance, authenticity,
comfort — that’s The Wade.”

Cari Jones (CJ) of Cline Design was one of the lead architects on the team that designed The Wade. Domenick Treschitta (DT) and Allyson Vincent (AV) of Historical Concepts researched and spearheaded the building’s design detailing.

On inspiration

We studied buildings in historic areas of Boston and New York; we did foot tours of downtown Raleigh, and of course we took lessons learned from Fairview Row. Just as we did there, the idea with The Wade is to create a simple, classic residence. We’re telling a new story in a different part of the same neighborhood. -CJ

At Historical Concepts, our intent isn’t to copy the past, but to apply it in new and creative ways. We express time-honored principles of design, creating buildings that respect the history of place while fully embracing the present, and being sensitive to modern styles of living. -DT

We have a huge library in our office, including a lot of our own projects. But really we’re all researching everywhere we go — we’re architectural tourists. That’s what drew us to this kind of work. -AV

On the details

Our job is to look at everything close up — the window spacing, the cornice, the pilasters, all the small details that make a huge difference. It’s not always recognizable to the eye, but you know it feels right when you see it.  -AV

A successful building articulates a base, middle, and top. This may seem obvious, but so often these days these critical elements don’t read clearly. There’s something about respecting those elements that creates a natural and comforting order to things. -DT

On the interiors

A sense of completeness continues in the public spaces. I’m really happy with the way it flows, the experience we’re creating that draws a visitor in and guides them along — from the moment someone first sees the main facade, and is pulled up through the main portico into the foyer, and then the public spaces open up in front of them, it’s quite an entry sequence. -AV

We reflect historical influences outside, and on the inside, in the personal spaces, we open it up, with really graceful open floor plans. We want every resident to have nice outdoor space, and we also looked at maximizing the light within the spaces. So we put balconies on the corners — which is actually a traditional way of letting more light inside. -CJ

One of the nice things about classical buildings is that they can create the perfect backdrop to any décor, from pure period all the way to sleek and contemporary. -DT

On collaboration

I just feel like the more talent that’s at the table, the better. A lot of energy and passion and experimentation went into designing these residences. It’s exciting to work on. -CJ

Occasionally there are differences of opinion; this is design after all! But when everyone on the team shares the same vision, that’s when the magic happens. -DT

It is magical when you find the solution: “Oh! That’s it!” It’s great. -CJ

On The Wade

The Wade is a great opportunity to apply our philosophy, which matches up with the vision Beacon Street had: Create something that’s marked by simple elegance; a home that’s special and inspiring, but also a place that’s comfortable to live in everyday. -AV

The Beacon Street team is wholly invested in making The Wade a memorable place to call home. Which is refreshing when so much in this day and age is bottom-line oriented — get in and get out. This building is truly meant to be a lasting addition to the Raleigh community. -DT