“This is going to be such an iconic building.”

“This is going to be
such an iconic building.”

Judy Pickett of Design Lines Signature is the interior design partner for The Wade, overseeing common areas and working with owners on their personal residences. Here are some of her thoughts on the project.

On her design approach

For The Wade, the vision of our team was a big influence. My first thought when I saw the plans was that this is something both authentic and appropriate. It has classic elements of styling, while still being very approachable and livable. So my role is to weave that throughout the interiors. I want to enhance the details, add a spark of life.

On creating livable homes

The first things I want to know when speaking with residents is: “What brought you to The Wade? What are your aspirations for this chapter of your life? What do you love about where you live now, and what are you ready to leave behind?” I get an idea of what feels good to them, what makes their heart sing. The important part is taking the time understand — so we can make sure to fit each home to its owner’s personality.

On the public spaces

In the entrance hall, walking through the main gallery, I want it to be a wow, a signature. You should feel good about inviting people into your home. And that leads directly to the Owner’s Retreat, which really is an extension of your personal space, a gathering place you kind of want to show off. Comfortable, functional, vibrant.

On surprise & delight

Anywhere you live, you want it to be alive, to reward exploration. With The Wade, we capture that unexpected element with the rooftop terrace: it’s such a nice surprise when you go up there, and it becomes a place you’re drawn to. It’s designed for enjoyment — for a party, or morning yoga, or the backdrop for a quiet evening and a glass of wine.

On being part of a team

It’s the fun part of it, the creative energy, pushing each other to be the best and maximize the value of every detail. You come in with your own ideas and see how somebody else responds. Each time we drill down on a specific element, the pieces really take shape, and we can see how iconic this building is going to be when it all comes together.

On The Wade

The attention to every detail inside and out, that’s what stands out for me. The team has taken the time to think through every function and aesthetic possibility. The care taken to design the building will permeate the long term; I can’t wait for the day when this building will be able to speak for itself — that’s going to come through loud and clear.