See what’s going on, and up, at The Wade.

See what’s going on,
and up, at The Wade.

Summer is the perfect time to do what we love — hiking in the mountains, strolling along the coast, taking long bike rides, being serenaded by cicadas. It’s a chance to slow down and appreciate what’s around us. To think about where we want to be, and focus on what really matters.

How do we discover what’s truly meaningful?

And that, of course, includes where to live. And even more important, how you want to live. The kind of space you want to be in, and places you want around you. What makes sense now, and what can serve as a bridge to the kind of future you want to create.

Where does The Wade fit in?

We’d love it if The Wade is the place you decide to call home. With more than a third of the residences already sold, The Wade is quickly becoming Raleigh’s most sought-after address — in large part thanks to the people who’ll be living here. People with interesting stories, varied interests, full and vibrant lives. And we’ve been talking to many more who are interesting in joining them.

See, and believe.

Now that construction is well under way, The Wade is attracting even more attention. Our progress onsite has been remarkable. We’ve completed the first level of secure underground parking and are heading vertical. At this stage, it’s easy to see the thought and care that goes into every detail. And soon, we’ll watch the architectural and landscaping inspirations that define this building come to life.

Enjoy your summer.

Wherever summer takes you, we hope it includes plentiful refreshments, an album’s worth of memories, and maybe a little insight into where your future will take you.